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LUCI: Computerfest news

Don't forget, this Saturday is Computerfest out at the Illinois State
Fairgrounds.  See our web site for more details about what we're

I will be doing a presentation on the open-source development model
and open-source software, focusing on Linux, of course.  My
presentation will be sandwiched between two presentations by a
Microsoft marketroid, so show your support for real software by
showing up and relieving me of some of the merchandise that various
vendors have generously donated to the cause.  :-)  (If I remember
correctly, I'm scheduled for 11:30.  I'll send out another email if
I'm wrong.)

We're going to need volunteers to help set up Friday night.  If you
can help, please email info@luci.org, and we'll email you details.
(There's at least a T-shirt in it for anybody who helps out.)  Also,
for those of you who volunteered your computer(s) for the cluster,
we're still working out what exactly we're doing.  (At the moment, it
appears we'll be doing some heavy-duty pvm-povray rendering.)  If you
don't hear from us by Wednesday, email us again in case you dropped
off our list.

Last item...  The Unix Group's meeting is this Thursday, March 12.  I
think it would be a convenient time for us to do some last-minute
planning.  Also, since we are going to be in a booth right next to the
Unix group, it would be nice if we could help out if they need it.  (I
know I'll ask for their help if we need it.  :)  Anyway, here's their
meeting announcement (from lee@inw.net):

    Monthly Unix Group Meeting, Thursday, March 12th, 7:00pm, 
    Laketown Pizza Hut.  Coincidently, the meeting is two days
    before ComputerFest '98.  I've laid in a supply of Jolt Cola,
    but haven't figured out what else, if anything, we should
    have in our booth.  We need volunteers for the Friday night
    setup, and some volunteers to man the booth of Saturday. 
    The ticket & swapshop stuff has been farmed out, so we do
    not need anybody to do those.


I'm sure more discussion will follow on luci-discuss...

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