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LUCI: Feb. 24, 1998 meeting

The next meeting of the Linux Users of Central Illinois is scheduled
for 7 pm on Tuesday, February 24, 1998 at the Illinois State Museum
Research and Collections Center.  For directions, please see the LUCI
web site at


We will be covering two topics at Tuesday's meeting.  First, we will
have a discussion of X, focusing on networking.  We will also have a
demonstration of a Linux box working as an X terminal.

We will also have a discussion of recent events in the Free Software
community.  There has been a lot of interesting news lately...  (And
I'm not going to give it all away here.  :)

Finally, LUCI is now a sponsor of the annual Computerfest.  It is
March 14 at the State Fairgrounds.  I'll post more information about
it here soon.  In the mean time, we need volunteers to help with any
setup or cleanup before and after the event.  Contact me if you would
like to help.  Also, we still have booths to fill.  If you know anyone
who has a computer-related business in Springfield or the surrounding
area, tell them they want a booth at Computerfest.  :-)  They can
contact me, Kara Pritchard (kara@lanscape.net), or Lee Bertagnolli
(lee@inw.net) for more information.  We also need to plan what we are
going to do at the LUCI booth...  That discussion will be taking place
on luci-discuss.  (Remember, send email to majordomo@luci.org with
"subscribe luci-discuss" in the body to subscribe.)

As always, bring any questions you might have to the meeting Tuesday,
and we will do our best to answer them.

See you Tuesday.  :-)

steve@silug.org           | Linux Users of Central Illinois
(217)698-1694             | Meetings the 4th Tuesday of every month
Steven Pritchard          | http://www.luci.org/ for more info

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