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"Lucy" Cluster Results

The final results for the cluster benchmark are in!

To recap: We were able to pull off the benchmark render in 48 seconds.  
Our official benchmark entry is on the benchmark page at 
http://www.haveland.com/povbench/index.html, and we are 12th on the 
list.  We were ultimately able to get 9 nodes on the cluster.

Our thanks to the cluster participants: Erich Schroeder, Matt Bishop, 
Danny Sauer, Kara Pritchard, Steve Pritchard, and Kam Karshenas.  Thanks 
also to the others who brought systems, but who could not participate due 
to technical difficulties.

And now, the results: who did how much in the final render!

Owner			Processor	IP num	Complete	Late
Kara Pritchard		AMD K6 233	45	17.67%		0.96%
Steve Pritchard		AMD K6 233	70	17.67		1.58
Danny Sauer		PPro 233	46	17.00		0.00
Danny Sauer		Pentium 200	44	13.00		0.88
Erich Schroeder*	Pentium 120	42	08.67		0.00
Kara Pritchard		Pentium 133	49	08.00		0.00
Matt Bishop		Pentium 150	43	07.33		0.00
Kam Karshenas		Pentium 100	47	06.67		0.00
Jeff Licquia*		Pentium 133	3	04.00		0.00

* Played significant alternate role in the cluster - NFS server, display 
server, etc.

Most columns should be self-explanatory.  The IP number is the host part 
of the IP address - the "x" in 192.168.50.x, the network we used for the 
cluster.  The "Complete" column shows the percentage of the blocks 
rendered by that machine.  The "Late" column shows what percentage of the 
rendered blocks were "late" - that is, the server had to wait on that 
system for some reason before reporting the final totals.  Standings were 
determined by ranking the systems by percentage completed, with the one 
tie decided by which system had the fewest late blocks.  Although the 
contribution of "significant alternate role" computers is appreciated 
(and reported), no weight was given to those machines, since there is no 
good way I know of to reflect that contribution.

Thanks again to all the volunteers on the display.  Even with the tense 
moments and frustrations, the booth was a success: we got the word out 
that Linux is a force to be contended with.

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