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LUCI: LUCI Newbie Night--Tuesday May 13

  LUCI Newbie Night is scheduled for Tomorrow, Tuesday May 13, located as 
usual at the Illinois State Museum Research and Collections Center, 1011 
East Ash Street, Springfield.

  Along with the usual general discussions, I thought I would demonstrate 
the new features to phpMyAdmin, a general web-based interface to the 
relational database MySQL. I also thought that I would show a recent 
version of Knoppix, a live CD distribution based on Debian. We had a demo 
of this several months ago, but there is a new release, so I thought I'd 
bring it up again.

See you there,


Erich Schroeder                    Phone: (217)785-0033
Curator, Information Technologies  FAX:   (217)785-2857
Illinois State Museum GIS Lab      email:erich(at)illinois.state.museum

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