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LUCI: Newbie Night 2/13/2001

For this month's meeting, John Braden has bravely volunteered his
machine to demonstrate a Red Hat 7.0 installation.  He has some
challenging hardware (on-board AGP Video, on-board sound, and a
WinModem) that have caused some problems with pervious attempts at

John needs to be able to boot into both Win95 and Linux, so we will
cover making space for Linux on the drive, and using LILO to dual boot.
If there is time, we will cover switching between the KDE and Gnome
desktops, and (this one is a real stretch if both time and knowledge)
using VMware to run Win95 from its own partition.

While the install is running, we will talk about how to find solutions
to problem hardware.  John's hardware is probably not the same as yours,
but the detective work needed will be about the same.

Hope to see you there!
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