Wednesday September 28, 2022

Linux Users of Central Illinois

The Linux Users Group of Springfield, Illinois and the surrounding area.

Some other users groups in the area:
Chicagoland Linux Users Group

Springfield Perl Mongers
St. Louis Linux Users Group
Unix Hobbyists', Administrators' & Coders' Club

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Meeting Info:

Meetings of the Linux Users of Central Illinois are the 4th Tuesday of every month from 7 PM to 9 PM at the Springfield MakerSpace in Springfield, IL. (The Springfield MakerSpace is located at 1227 S. Pasfield Street. Follow the link for a map and driving directions.)

The next LUCI meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 25, 2022.

In addition to the regular meeting, there is also a special Newbie Night, intended for new Linux users, on the second Tuesday of every month at the same time and location as the regular meetings.

The next Newbie Night is scheduled for Tuesday, October 11, 2022.

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* NVIDIA Beta Driver Update Revises Vulkan Video Support
* Intel Publishes Xe Super Sampling "XeSS" 1.0 SDK
* Google Releases Chrome 106 With SerialPort BYOB, Security Fixes
* Intel Arc Graphics A770 Launching 12 October For $329 USD
* Intel Announces 13th Gen "Raptor Lake" - Linux Benchmarks To Come
* Intel Confirms "On Demand" Upgrades With Sapphire Rapids (Software Defined Silicon)
* Intel Developer Cloud Launches For Pre-Launch Software Development/Testing
* Rust v10 Patches Posted Ahead Of Expected Merging With Linux 6.1
* MGLRU Patches Merged To "mm-stable" Ahead Of Linux 6.1 - New Benchmarks Look Good
* Thanks Microsoft: RadeonSI Enables Async VA-API For Faster Video Acceleration
* Mesa 22.3 Lands Open-Source Radeon Driver CPU Overhead Optimizations
* Pyston 2.3.5 Released As Speedy Alternative To CPython
* VKD3D 1.5 Lands In Wine For Updated Direct3D 12 Over Vulkan
* High-Speed Mold 1.5 Linker Released With PPC64LE, SPARC64 & RISC-V BE Targets
* Linux 6.0 Merges The AMD Performance Fix For The Old "Dummy Wait" Workaround
* openSUSE ALP Prototype "Les Droites" Releasing This Week
* AMD Ryzen 9 7900X / Ryzen 9 7950X Benchmarks Show Impressive Zen 4 Linux Performance
* AMD Zen 4 AVX-512 Performance Analysis On The Ryzen 9 7950X
* AMD Ryzen 9 7900X / 7950X Linux Gaming Performance
* Experimental Patch Gets The ARM64 Linux Kernel Compiling Under macOS
* A 20 Year Old Chipset Workaround Has Been Hurting Modern AMD Linux Systems
* Rusticl Support For AMD RadeonSI Driver Being Worked On
* Linux 6.0-rc7 Released - Linux 6.0 Will Hopefully Release Next Sunday
* Btrfs Async Buffered Writes Slated For Linux 6.1 - 2x Throughput Improvement
* Archinstall 2.5.1 Released With A Number Of Fixes For The Arch Linux Installer
* New Car & Flight Controller HID Drivers Ready To Race With Linux 6.1
* GNOME 43.1 To Support Wayland On The AMD-Xilinx Kria KR260
* Generic EFI Compressed Boot Support Prepped Ahead Of Linux 6.1
* Intel Habana Labs AI Driver Updates Readied For Linux 6.1
* OpenJDK Java's Native Wayland Support Progressing
* Rust-Written Apple DRM Linux Kernel Driver Renders First Cube
* Reminder: The Phoronix Premium Autumn Sale Is On

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