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LUCI: 3D printing demonstration at ISM

This is a little outside of the norm for LUCI-announce, but we're going to be having a couple of events that might be of interest.

First, tomorrow (Friday, July 12, 2013) Joseph Deken (of an educational non-profit called New Blankets) will be demonstrating a couple of 3D printers, plus someone from our staff will have another one bringing the total to three 3D printers. His organization "promotes a free library culture of sharing and learning through books and also through multimedia, music, video programming, and 21st century desktop 3D fabrication." There will also be a couple of UIS students demonstrating a desktop 3D scanner, which they have been testing out in our collections center for the past couple of weeks.

The demonstrations will be going on from 9:30am until 4:30pm, and there is of course no charge. There's more info at:


Then on Thursday, July 18, Dr Deken will be leading two workshops on "3D thinking and printing" in the Illinois State Museum Research and Collections center. One workshop at 10am, and a repeat at 2pm. The workshops are advertised for "teachers, students, and other interested parties." There is no charge for the workshop, but we would like reservations to make sure we don't fill the space up too much. To reserve a space, contact Beckie Dyer at 217-782-7475 or bdyer@museum.state.il.us. There's more info at: