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LUCI: Tuesday, October 23, 2001 meeting

The next meeting of the Linux Users of Central Illinois is *tonight*,
Tuesday, October 23, 2001, at 7 pm at the Illinois State Museum
Research and Collections Center at 1011 East Ash Street in
Springfield.  If you need directions, there's a link to maps and
driving directions on the LUCI site.

Red Hat 7.2 was officially released yesterday.  I'll give an overview
of some of the new things in Red Hat 7.2, plus some of the other new
software that's out.  Plus I'm sure we'll have many other things to

In case you are interested, Red Hat 7.2 is available on our FTP site.
If you would like to download it, please use rsync, if possible.  Feel
free to contact me for instructions.  In addition, if you would like a
set of Red Hat 7.2 CDs, let me know as early as possible today
(definitely before 5 PM).  There will be a small fee for the media.

See you tonight.  :-)

steve@silug.org           | Linux Users of Central Illinois
(618)398-7360             | See web site for meeting details.
Steven Pritchard          | http://www.luci.org/
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