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LUCI: Newbie Night - Tuesday, July 10

The next Newbie meeting will be this Tuesday, July 10, 7:00 - 9:00. As
usual, it will be located at the Illinois State Museum Research and
Collections Center in Springfield, IL, located at 1011 E. Ash Street.
Follow the link on www.luci.org for a map and driving directions.

There will be at least a discussion (and maybe even a demo!) of a "Luci
Loaner" machine.  This machine will have a working installed Linux
distribution, and would be loaned out to people who want to learn about
Linux but don't have their own workstation.  The box is very close to
being ready.  It needs a little more memory to really fly - anybody want
to donate some 64M DIMMs?

I'll bring along Mandrake 8.0 so you can see what you get for the $64
version, but probably won't have it installed.  (The installation
crashed without useful error messages when I tried to put it on my
upgraded old laptop.  If I have time I'll give it a try on my usual demo

Would anyone care to talk about their successes in getting Internet
access on Linux with various ISP's?  A collection of stories would be a
good resource and help people get connected, whether by modem, cable, or

Hope to see you there!
Don Parth
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