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LUCI: 1/11/2000 - First Linux Newbie Night Meeting


Please put on your calendars for you and your new to linux friends, the
first "Newbie Night" meeting, January 11th at 7:00pm at the Illinois State
Museum Research and collections center. (visit www.luci.org for a map)

For our First meeting, we'll be introducing you to the steps of doing a
fresh Red Hat Linux 6.1 installation. Time allowing, we'll also show you
a Red Hat Linux upgrade. We'll open the floor the last 1/2 hour of the
meeting for any questions, and topic requests for future meetings.

For all new members of Newbie Night and LUCI, I'll have their first copy
of Red Hat 6.1 available on CD.

Remember, Newbie Night is designated for New Linux Users. Topics that will
be covered will be limited to introduction level only. The purpose of
these meetings is to invite new Linux users to the group, offering them
Linux information on a New to Linux level, allowing them to more quickly
become interested in LUCI's regular meeting topics.

Time allowing, I would like the last 1/2 of the meeting to be hands on
troubleshooting with installations, or other issues pertinant to new Linux
users. If you're new to Linux and are having troubles with your Linux
system, email me at least 1 week in advance of our meeting, and we can
schedule you to bring your machine on-site at the meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you there! (Oh, and for you advanced Linux
people, be sure to check out the Springfield Perl Mongers meeting held
simultaneously in another meeting room at the Center!)

- Kara

Kara Pritchard                        	Phone: 217-698-1694
Red Hat Certified Engineer
Linux Users of Central Illinois		kara@luci.org
LUG Project Manager - Linux.com		kara@linux.com

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