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LUCI: Tuesday, February 23 meeting

The next meeting of the Linux Users of Central Illinois is Tuesday,
February 23, 1999, at 7 pm at the Illinois State Museum Research and
Collections Center at 1011 East Ash Street in Springfield.  If you
need directions, see the LUCI web site at


Don't forget, Computerfest is March 13.  We need to make our plans for
our booth(s) Tuesday.  I need as many of you as possible to show up,
since this will be our last meeting before the show.

Kernel 2.2.1 is out right now, and 2.2.2 should be here any day now,
so it's time everybody got moved to the new kernels.  I'll run
everybody through a quick step-by-step procedure to upgrade everything
necessary to run 2.2.x.  I'll also walk through the steps to set up IP
masquerading/firewalling with ipchains on the 2.2.x kernels.

BTW, our meeting will probably be in one of the back rooms of the
building, so try very hard to be at the meeting by 7:00 (or just a few
minutes after).  If you show up late, you may have to wait at the door
for a while for somebody to let you in.

See you Tuesday.

steve@silug.org           | Linux Users of Central Illinois
(217)698-1694             | Meetings the 4th Tuesday of every month
Steven Pritchard          | http://www.luci.org/ for more info

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