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LUCI: Apr. 27, 1998 meeting

The next meeting of the Linux Users of Central Illinois is tomorrow,
April 28, 1998, at 7 pm at the Illinois State Museum Research and
Collections Center at 1011 East Ash Street in Springfield.  If you
need directions, see the LUCI web site at


The first thing we'd like to do for tomorrow's meeting is a
(semi-)organized Question and Answer session.  (I'm sure that all those
fresh Linux installs must be bringing up a lot of questions.  :)  So
bring any questions, problems, whatever that you might be having, and
we'll do our best to answer them.

Since Linux can seem a little daunting at times to new users, we're
going to have a presentation on Gnome and KDE, the two free desktops
for X currently being developed, including a side-by-side comparison.
Also, since most of the debate over Gnome vs. KDE is over licensing,
we'll give a little information on the various licenses that Linux
software is available under (BSD, GPL, NPL, MPL, Artistic, PD, etc.)
and why you should care.

I hope to see you there.  :-)

steve@silug.org           | Linux Users of Central Illinois
(217)698-1694             | Meetings the 4th Tuesday of every month
Steven Pritchard          | http://www.luci.org/ for more info

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