Monday September 24, 2018

Linux Users of Central Illinois

The Linux Users Group of Springfield, Illinois and the surrounding area.

Some other users groups in the area:
Chicagoland Linux Users Group

Springfield Perl Mongers
St. Louis Linux Users Group
Unix Hobbyists', Administrators' & Coders' Club

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Meeting Info:

Meetings of the Linux Users of Central Illinois are the 4th Tuesday of every month from 7 PM to 9 PM at the Springfield MakerSpace in Springfield, IL. (The Springfield MakerSpace is located at 1000 S. Spring Street. Follow the link for a map and driving directions.)

The next LUCI meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 25, 2018.

In addition to the regular meeting, there is also a special Newbie Night, intended for new Linux users, on the second Tuesday of every month at the same time and location as the regular meetings.

The next Newbie Night is scheduled for Tuesday, October 9, 2018.

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* YubiKey 5 Series Brings FIDO2 Support, NFC Capability
* Valve Has Been Working On A HUD For The RADV Vulkan Driver
* Intel IWD Makes Another Step Closer To Version 1.0
* OpenCV 4.0 Alpha Released Now As A C++ Library, DNN Improvements, Better Performance
* PlayOnLinux 5.0 Alpha Released With Redesigned UI, Phoenicis
* Greg Kroah-Hartman Releases Linux 4.19-RC5 Following An "Interesting" Week
* DXVK 0.80 Released With Initial State Cache, Direct3D 11.1 Feature Level
* Ethereum Crypto Mining Performance Benchmarks On The GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
* OpenShot 2.4.3 Releases With Performance Improvements, Animated Masks
* The "Chinese EPYC" Hygon Dhyana CPU Support Still Getting Squared Away For Linux
* Good Support For Wayland Remote Desktop Handling On Track For KDE Plasma 5.15
* KDE's Dolphin File Manager Can Now Show LibreOffice Document Previews
* CLVK Is Piping OpenCL On Top Of Vulkan
* The Reiser4 File-System Is Now Available For The Linux 4.18 Kernel
* The Next Linux Kernel To Support Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5 Sound Cards
* DXVK Picking Up A Shader Cache To Help Reduce Stuttering, Boost Performance
* Folding@Home Performance Is Looking Good On The GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
* In-Progress AMDGPU Updates For Linux 4.20~5.0 Have DC Update, New Polaris ID
* VMware's SVGA Gallium3D Driver Enables OpenGL 3.3 Compatibility Profile Support
* Sway 1.0 Alpha 6 Released, Now Supports Moving/Resizing Tiled Windows With The Mouse
* Sculpt OS With "Visual Composition" Posted For Latest Genode OS
* Outreachy Opens Applications For Open-Source Winter 2018 Internship Program
* Solus Releases Version "3.9999" With Newer Kernel, Desktop Updates
* NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Shows Very Strong Compute Performance Potential
* Mesa Can Finally Build With Almost No Compiler Warnings
* Mesa 18.2.1 Released With A Number Of Fixes For The Vulkan Drivers
* Intel Preparing A Final Batch Of Graphics Driver Changes For Linux 4.20~5.0
* PostgreSQL 11 Beta 4 Released With JIT Compilation Disabled By Default
* NVIDIA Sends Out DRM Display Patches For Tegra's Xavier SoC
* Fedora 29 Beta Will Be Released Next Week
* Mir 1.0 Released For "Next-Generation of Graphical Solutions"
* NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 To RTX 2080 Ti Graphics/Compute Performance

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